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I am Suhreed Sarkar from Bangladesh. I live in Dhaka with my family. Following is a snapshot of my life.


  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka, 2003-2007. major in Management.
  • Marine Engineering from Marine Academy, Chittagong. 1991-1992.
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) from Naogaon Government College under Rajshahi Education Board. Science Group. 1st Division. 1990.
  • Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from Porsha High Madrasha cum High School, under Rajshahi Education Board. Science Group. 1st Division. 1988.

Work Experiences

  • Currently working at a specialized UN agency as Project Manager. Dealing with Non-Formal Education Management Information System.
  • Worked on Child Labour in a specialized UN agency from 2002 – 2005. Developed and maintained child labour tracking system.
  • Worked as IT trainer for Web development, system administration and e-commerce technologies.
  • Writing on information technologies. 17 books published.

What I do?

I like writing. I write on information technology and other issues like social impacts, philosophy and management. I like to think about evolution of human society – try to understand how it progressed so far, and whether the ‘progress’ is a real progress or a new trap?

How can I help you?

  • I can help you by writing technical documentation. I am a technical writer, and have written a number of technical books which are well known for their clarity and content.
  • I can help you setting up most of the open source Content Management System (CMS). Some are to name: Joomla!, Mambo, SilverStripe, phpNuke, Drupal, WordPress, etc.
  • I can setup a learning management system for you. Moodle is the best opensource LMS and I can instal, configure and administer it for you. Besides Moodle, I can also do the same for ATutor and Dokeos.

My books

  1. Web Publishing [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  2. Expert Networking [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  3. Windows 2000 Professional [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  4. Windows 2000 Server [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  5. Red Hat Linux 7.2 Administration [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  6. XML [Mullick Brothers]
  7. Linux Networking [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  8. Apache-MySQL-PHP [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  9. Fedora Linux [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  10. SQL: Database Essentials [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  11. The Impact of Science on Society [Translation from Bertrand Russel] [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  12. Eat that Frog! (Translation from original by Brian Tracy)[Gyankosh Prokashani]
  13. Windows Server 2008 Administration [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  14. Fedora Linux Administration [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  15. Zen Cart: E-commerce Application Development [Packt Publishing]i
  16. Joomla! E-commerce with VirtueMart [Packt Publishing]
  17. Joomla! with Flash [Packt Publishing]
  18. Joomla! 1.5 Top Extensions Cookbook Packt Publishing
  19. Cisco Networking [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  20. Mastering Joomla! Site Building [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  21. Build a Multilingual Website with Joomla! 2.5
  22. Sinatra Shohojpath [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  23. Kiss That Frog (Translation from original by Brian Tracy)[Gyankosh Prokashani]
  24. The Science of Getting Rich (Translation from English)[Gyankosh Prokashani]
  25. Success Laws (Translation from OG Mandino) [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  26. The Present (Spencer Jhonson, translation from English) [Gyankosh Prokashani]

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