Very recently I bought a Galaxy Trend Duos. I was. Trying to get screenshot of some apps. Went to Google play and found some apps for taking screenshot. However most are for rooted devices. Suddenly found that I can take screenshot by pressing power and home button simultaneously. You just stop press both button at a time and keep pushing until you hear a beep. That’s it. No need to install app. You can download and install Google Keep from Play Store.

The Sony bigscreen TV on new stand with Sony s...

Recently I bought a Sony Bravia 32″ LCD TV. It supports connectivity to Internet over the wi-fi and ethernet cable. I was happy seeing its specifucations and it was written ‘internet ready’. Later I found the fine print – I have to buy a dongle from Sony to get the Wi-Fi working. The shop at Gulshan asked a price of BDT 10,000 for the dongle. It’s too much for me – $250 for a dongle! Continue reading


Yesterday I have rooted by Samsung Galaxy Tab. I have tried Apple iPad earlier and after a week jail-broken that, because you cant do anything without Jailbreaking in iPad (att least from Bangladesh). After buying Android based Galaxy Tab, I was using it without rooting (having root access, or ‘root’ user’s permission. But I found it difficult to see squares in Bangla writing. No Bangla font was installed. Googled and found this useful articleon how install Bangla font. It also said that you need to be root first and then run several commands. The process seemed clumsy to me (as I hate typing those cryptic commands without understanding first). So, my first mission was to root the device. Continue reading

This is my First Android application. This shows news from Actually, I have not coded a single line and made with You can make web content based apps in minutes by using their service. Cool Guys at AppsGeyer! Continue reading


Yes, Galaxy Tab is fun. I just inserted GrameenPHONE sim in Galaxy Tab. It started working fine after a restart. But data connection was not working. So I called customer service. Their specialist team provided the solution. I had to configure APN manually. Once given APN as gpinternet it started working fone.

I was using Zoom Ultra from laptop. Now thinking whether that to be dropped. Because my GT connection can be shared. In fact, now it started to work as WiFi AP. I just checked one checkbox, and it started working great. I tested it from my other Nokia set and Dell laptop. As per the specification, I can use 5 devices simultaneously. Thanks Samsung for this great feature.

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Recently I have bought an iPad. At the very sight, I was impressed with the apps it has. But after the honeymoon period, I know it’s better not to have an iPad. It’s time waster. I made many notes on iPad, and suddenly it’s not syncing with iTunes. Googled the web and found thousands of iPad user complaining at apple forum, same problem – but no solution. Some users have reported that they solved it – but every user have done it differently. They are not sure what caused the problem – and how it is solved. I spent almost a week to figure it out, tried all the methods, but the problem is still there.

As a last resort, I restored the iOS and there’s no solution yet. Is Steve Jobs sleeping?
Many users are waiting for release of iOS 4.2, and Apple declared that it will be available in November, There are many rumors about the release dates – but those are still rumor. Apple is playing hide and seek with its customers.

After using iPad for more than two months, now I strongly believe that very old pen and paper are the best friends in daily work. And thinking that I left my iPad at home.

A rock is better than iPad, yes, I agree.


I bought an iPad last September from Bangkok. It’s Wi-Fi model, and can connect to Internet through Wi-Fi hotspots only. My Office has Wi-Fi and I was using it from office most of the time. But returning from office, it goes offline which is painful, you know. Considering this situation, I tried to connect my home to Wi-Fi. I have a Wireless Router, and what I need is a connection to internet. Considered broadband, but due to its frequent failure and slow speed I abandoned. Then comes Qubee or BanglaLion. But currently I am using Zoom Ultra Modem from Citycell. It provides mobility. I can connect from anywhere in Bangladesh. Qubee and Banglalion has limited coverage yet. And to implement a WiFi I need indoor unit, that does not provide mobility.