Create your own plugins, modules, and components in Joomla! 3, the award-winning CMS, using hands-on, step-by-step examples


  • Clear steps to create your own plugins, modules, and components for Joomla 3
  • Guides you through extending your components by allowing them to interact with modules and plugins
  • Introduces you to packaging your extensions for distribution to other Joomla users
  • Enables you to secure your extensions and avoid common vulnerabilities by gaining some white hat hacking experience

In Detail

Joomla 3 is the first of the major open source content management systems that was meant to be mobile friendly by default. Joomla uses object-oriented principles, is database agnostic, and has the best mix of functionality, extensibility, and user friendliness. Add to that the fact that Joomla is completely community driven, and you have a winning combination that is available to everyone, and is the perfect platform to build your own custom applications.

"Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development, Third Edition" is an integrated series of practical, hands-on tutorials that guide you through building and extending Joomla plugins, modules, and components. With Joomla having been downloaded well over 35 million times, there is a huge market for Joomla extensions, so you could potentially earn some extra cash in your spare time using your newly acquired Joomla extension development skills.

We will start with developing simple plugins and modules, and then progress to more complex backend and frontend component development. Then we will try our hand at ethical hacking, so you will learn about common security vulnerabilities and what you can do to avoid them. After that we will look at how you can prepare your extensions for distribution and updates, as well as how you can extend your components with various plugins and modules. Finally, you will end up with a fully functioning package of extensions that you can use on your own site or share with others.

If you want to build your own custom applications in Joomla, then "Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development" will teach you everything you need to know in a practical, hands-on manner.

What you will learn from this book

  • Extend Joomla using plugins
  • Develop both frontend and backend modules
  • Build a Joomla component that looks and behaves like the core components, to reduce the learning curve for your users
  • Discover common security vulnerabilities and what you can do to avoid them
  • Prepare your extensions for distribution
  • Manage updates and set up an update server
  • Integrate third party extensions in your component


A practical guide with step-by-step examples that build on each other so you can learn by doing and get hands-on knowledge about creating your plugins, modules, and components in Joomla.

Who this book is written for

"Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development" is for developers who want to create their own Joomla extensions. It is assumed you will have some basic PHP, HTML, and CSS knowledge, but you don’t need any prior Joomla programming experience. This book will also be useful to people who just want to make minor customizations to existing Joomla extensions and build on the work of others in the open source spirit.

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At last I found this updated book for learning developing Joomla! 3 Extension Development. The book covers almost all aspects of Joomla! extension development; however, I think there could some more practical projects to illustrate how to develop different types of Joomla! extensions.


So far we have created a very basic plugin that simply shows our predefined text in articles. You probably have noticed that while we were configuring the plugin there was no other parameters to configure, we have simply enabled the plugin. But many other plugins have many parameters to configure, and how we can have such parameters be added to our plugin? Yes, we are going to learn that now.

Let us modify the plugin so that instead of ‘Hello World’ we can show anything we want. We will specify our desired text through a parameter, and that text will be displayed in article. Continue reading


Very recently I am impressed by Markdown and in all my writing using Markdown. Thanks to Leanpub I am writing some of my books in Markdown and planning to write all my blog posts in Markdown too.

As a first step, I have installed WP-Markdown plugin for my wordpress blog and happily using that.

But I am a Joomla! guy and usually support my clients managing and building sites with Joomla!. I was searching an extension for Joomla! that can easily transform an article written in Markdown syntax to HTML. In JED, with keyword markdown nothing returned what I was searching. So I decided to develop a plugin.

Great Google helped me finding PHP Markdown, it has two files – I downloaded PHP Markdown Extra 1.2.5. This file contains a readme and license text, and the main file markdown.php. The file contains classes to transform markdown’d text into HTML using PHP. Based on this, I created a content plugin for Joomla! 2.5, and fololowing are the steps which you may use as a Tutorial. Continue reading


As you know, content plugins for Joomla! mainly deals with content items. It searches the content items and performs some actions on the content. For example, when shubmitting an article, content plugin may check for valid markups and remove invalid markups. Similarly, when displaying the article, another content plugin may perform some activities to display the article in a special format. In this chapter, we will learn how to develop content plugins for Joomla!. In this chapter, you will learn:

  • How to create plugin files
  • How to Install the plugin
  • How to enable the plugin
  • How to add functions to the plugin
  • What are the events for content plugin
  • How to package the content plugins Continue reading

Very recently one of my sites was hacked. Nothing dangerous, but the intruders just changed the index.php file. The main file was showing message that it was hacked! So I had to take it off and check each and every file for change. Luckicly found only two other files changed. The hackers injected code to those files and that code was showing the message on index page. That day I understood how difficult it is to find changed files. Continue reading


Are you a Joomla! developer? If Yes, you know how repetitive copying and pasting it is. When you are developing a component following Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, you need to do the same thing many times in Joomla!. Often you need to copy and paste the codes. While doing work on some components, I was tired doing this copy and paste, and was thinking how to avoid this. And fortunately found this component at Joomla! Extension Directory. It’s named Just Another Component Creator or JACC. Continue reading


অনেক সময় এমন হতে পারে আপনি কোনো লিঙ্ক যোগ করেছে কিন্তু চান না ইউজার তাতে ক্লিক করে অন্য সাইটে চলে যাক। যে লিঙ্ক দিয়েছেন সেটিতে ক্লিক করলে একটি পপআপ হিসেবে সেই পেজ দেখাতে পারেন। কোনো কোনো ক্ষেত্রে এধরনের তথ্য দেখানো পপআপ হিসেবে দেখানোই সুবিধাজনক। যেমন কোনো নিবন্ধের শেষে ঠিকানা উল্লেখ করলেন। এখন আপনি চান সেই ঠিকানায় ক্লিক করলে ইউজার যাতে ম্যাপে সেই লোকেশন দেখতে পায়। এজন্য ভিন্ন উইন্ডোতে গুগল ম্যাপ লোড না করে পপআপ হিসেবে দেখাতে পারেন। এজন্য Modalizer নামের এক্সটেনশন ব্যবহার করতে পারেন। এটি ডাউনলোড করতে পারবেন জুমলা! এক্সটেনশন ডিরেক্টরির পেজে দেয়া লিঙ্ক অনুসরণ করে। এটি ইনস্টল করার পর কোনো স্থানে নিচের মতো ট্যাগ সিনট্যাক্স ব্যবহার করতে পারেন: Continue reading