Recently I bought a Sony Bravia 32″ LCD TV. It supports connectivity to Internet over the wi-fi and ethernet cable. I was happy seeing its specifucations and it was written ‘internet ready’. Later I found the fine print – I have to buy a dongle from Sony to get the Wi-Fi working. The shop at Gulshan asked a price of BDT 10,000 for the dongle. It’s too much for me – $250 for a dongle!

The Sony bigscreen TV on new stand with Sony s...

I googled and found it only support the dongle made by Sony. I am using a Wi-Fi router at my home – just to connect to internet – all my devices – Android phone, iPad, MacBook and Laptops connect to internet through this wi-fi router. Then why not TV? Yes, I have to do it. So just followed the simple process:

  1. Bought another wi-fi router from the market. That time a deal was going on from, and I got the TP-LINK wi-fi router for BDT 2,200 (less than $26.).
  2. Connected that wi-fi router to Sony Bravia TV.
  3. Configured the router as wireless bridge  to my previous router.
  4. And its working. Now I can access internet from my Sony Bravia using the same internet connection I am using for other devices. Not only that I can play music and videos from other devices (iPad, Laptops) on the big screen of Sony Bravia. If you have a Sony Bravia, and it’s ‘internet ready’, you can do this too.
  • giri

    can you present the sequence with pictures in step by step manner?

  • Srikanth SJR

    I have a Sony Dongle you are talking about here. But I am unable to share anything with the TV. I faced no problems at all to connect my TV with other devices using WIFI Direct (iPad as well as my PC) however I am unaware of how to share them with my Sony TV. Kindly suggest

  • Ovais Ali

    I wanna know how did you configure the router? i mean you did it before you connected it to the tv or after? using TP link wifi router for my internet connection and would like another device to connect to it but how?

  • Ovais Ali

    Hi,I wanna know how did you set-up your router to become a wireless bridge?