Tutorial: Developing Joomla! Content Plugin

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In our previous post in this series we have just created a new content plugin. We have created the plugin’s xml manifest file and now its our turn to install the plugin. In this post, we see how to instal and enable the plugin.

Enable and Test your new Plugin

After installing the plugin, we need to enable it. Plugins installed first time remain disabled. For enabling the plugin, go to Extensions > Plugin Manager. In Plugin Manager: Plugins screen you see the plugins listed. For easlily locating the content plugin, select Disabled in –Select Status– drop down list. That will show the plugin name in the list.

Plugin Installed

Click on the plugin named plg_content_helloworld . That will show Plug-in Manager: plg_content_helloworld screen.

In Plug-in Manager: plg_content_helloworld screen, select Enabled in Status field. Then click Save & Close icon in the toolbar.

Now the plugin is enabled and it should perform its duty. We have written a function to show Hello World. As we have used onContentAfterTitle() it should show the ‘Hello World’ just after the title of the article.

This text will be displayed for all articles, just after the title and before the body text of the article.

Please Note! If you don’t see the ‘Hello World’ text after the title of the article, you need to set article’s Show Intro Text value to Hide. This is needed for onContentTitleAfter event.

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