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I am Suhreed Sarkar from Bangladesh. I live in Dhaka with my family. Following is a snapshot of my life.


  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Department of Management Studies, University of Dhaka, 2003-2007. major in Management.
  • Marine Engineering from Marine Academy, Chittagong. 1991-1992.
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) from Naogaon Government College under Rajshahi Education Board. Science Group. 1st Division. 1990.
  • Secondary School Certificate (SSC) from Porsha High Madrasha cum High School, under Rajshahi Education Board. Science Group. 1st Division. 1988.


  • Project Management Professional (PMP) by Project Management Institute (PMI) since December 2014.
  • Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM) by Knowledge Management Institute (www.kmi.org) since December 2016.

My books

  1. Web Publishing [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  2. Expert Networking [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  3. Windows 2000 Professional [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  4. Windows 2000 Server [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  5. Red Hat Linux 7.2 Administration [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  6. XML [Mullick Brothers]
  7. Linux Networking [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  8. Apache-MySQL-PHP [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  9. Fedora Linux [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  10. SQL: Database Essentials [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  11. The Impact of Science on Society [Translation from Bertrand Russel] [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  12. Eat that Frog! (Translation from original by Brian Tracy)[Gyankosh Prokashani]
  13. Windows Server 2008 Administration [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  14. Fedora Linux Administration [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  15. Zen Cart: E-commerce Application Development [Packt Publishing]i
  16. Joomla! E-commerce with VirtueMart [Packt Publishing]
  17. Joomla! with Flash [Packt Publishing]
  18. Joomla! 1.5 Top Extensions Cookbook Packt Publishing
  19. Cisco Networking [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  20. Mastering Joomla! Site Building [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  21. Build a Multilingual Website with Joomla! 2.5
  22. Sinatra Shohojpath [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  23. Kiss That Frog! [Translation fron original by Brian Tracy][Gyankosh Prokashani]
  24. The Present (Translation from original by Spencer Jhonson) (Gyankosh Prokashani)
  25. The Science Of Getting Rich (Translation from original by Wallace D Wattles) (Gyankosh Prokashani)
  26. Mantras for Success (Translation from wirtings by OG Mandino) [Gyankosh Prokashani]
  27. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (Translation from Originial by Deepak Chopra) (Gyankosh Prokashani)
  28. As a Man Thinketh (Translation from original by James Allen)
  29. A Killer’s Mind (Translation of a thriller by Mike Omer) [Batighar Prokashani]
  30. Swimsuit (Translation of a thriller by James Patterson)
  31. Dead Man Running ((Translation of a thriller by James Patterson)
  32. 13 Minute Murder (Translation of a thriller by James Patterson)
  33. Kill Me If You Can (Translation of a thriller by James Patterson)
  34. The Sail (Translation of a thriller by James Patterson)
  35. The First Phone Call from the Heaven (Translation of a novel by Mitch Albom)
  36. The Greatest Salesman in the World (Translation of best-seller self-help book by OG Mandino)
  37. The Psychology of Selling (Translation of a original book by Brian Tracy)
  38. Fear (Translation of a book by OSHO)
  39. The Independent MInd (Translation of a book by OSHO)
  40. 21 Lessons from 21st Century (Translation of best-selling book by Yuval Noah Harari)
  41. Poor Economics (Translation of best-selling book by Avijit Banerjee & Esther Duflo)


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      Thank you, Elliott Becker, for your kind words! I’m really glad to hear that you enjoyed reading my profile. It’s always rewarding to know that others find value in the information I’ve shared. If you have any specific questions or if there’s anything else you’d like to know, please feel free to let me know. I’m here to help!

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