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Updated Fedora book

I have updated my book , Red Hat/Fedora Linux, in Bangla, to the latest version of Fedora Linux. The book was basically written on Read Hat Linux 7.2. Then came Fedora and it was updated for Fedora Core 4. Since then it has not been updated. For around two years, the book is out of print and I was not getting time to revise it for new version of Fedora. Recently I have done it, and for one month I was trying to finish it by giving a final print of the revised edition. At last, I spent whole day […]

I am using Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta 2

I have installed Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta 2 and enjoying using it. Its ‘persona’ feature is really cool! With one click you can install and use it. When you visit persona section you get a lots of personas so far. Take you mouse over the persona image, and your browser’s look is changed! What a live preview. Other changes to Firefox are not that much visible. I am fan of Firefox and using it for more than 2 years. In fact, I have not installed and tried IE8, after using Firefox. You can get the beta of Firefox 3.6 from […]