Connected my iPad to Internet using Zoom Ultra modem and Connectify

I bought an iPad last September from Bangkok. It’s Wi-Fi model, and can connect to Internet through Wi-Fi hotspots only. My Office has Wi-Fi and I was using it from office most of the time. But returning from office, it goes offline which is painful, you know. Considering this situation, I tried to connect my home to Wi-Fi. I have a Wireless Router, and what I need is a connection to internet. Considered broadband, but due to its frequent failure and slow speed I abandoned. Then comes Qubee or BanglaLion. But currently I am using Zoom Ultra Modem from Citycell. It provides mobility. I can connect from anywhere in Bangladesh. Qubee and Banglalion has limited coverage yet. And to implement a WiFi I need indoor unit, that does not provide mobility.

This afternoon I visited BanglaLion at Sobhanbagh (Prince Plaza) and almost bought the indoor unit. But while checking for coverage I found that my house is not covered yet. So returned home in despair.
Last month I tried a software called Connectify, to make my laptop a WiFi hotspot. But that didn’t work. This evening again I downloaded that one and tried to setup the hotspot. But not working. Finally I got the solution. I set it up to use Adhoc mode, and voila it’s working. It’s so simple to discover! Here’s the screenshot of my configuration.

First, the name of the hotspot. This defaults to Connectify-me. Then comes the interface through which you are connecting to internet. My one is Wireless terminal (Citycell Zoom Ultra shows this). Then select the WiFi interface. Important is selecting Mode. Select Ad-hoc, Open or Ad-hoc, WEP in Mode box. You ned to assign password in Ad-hoc, WEP mode.After these configuration, click apply and restrat the hotspot. And you get the hotspot running.
Now go to your iPad > Settings and find WiFi hotspot and connect to Connectify-me. It’s simple. Launch your browser and try a site. That’s all.
If you are a new owner of iPad, here are some guides for you:
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