How Can I earn money quickly?

Earning money is many people’s only motto in life. I am not saying that it’s bad or it’s good – as everyone will agree without money we cannot live. To ensure our life’s little comforts we need money; for food, clothes, education, healthcare – we need money. Even for getting love of the beloveds you need money. So there is no way saying ‘I don’t need money’. Those who say so – either they are not saying the truth or are out the context and have already lost to understand the meaning of their words.

Forex Money for International Curency

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In my childhood I used to say often ‘money cant buy everything’, and was very confident in believing the words. But now – after many years gained real experience in life and believe money can buy most of the things, even it can play role of God! It may look hearse but look around and see. Look at the politicians, businessmen, and so called leaders – who are they? can you find anybody without money? If you deduct the money part from them – will they be still influential? I am happy that the young generation in Bangladesh don’t debate on this. Instead they long for earning money, and some touts take that opportunity to make some quick profits.

I have found people often asks how to make money quickly. If you search on Google you will also find many ways of making money quickly – even not working at all. I feel pity to those young people who have  dedicated their time and money to do ‘clicking’ and at the end found themselves being ‘kicked’ off. I don’t see any difference between doing MLM, clicking (PTC) and investing in secondary share market in Bangladesh. All are, at the end, make a huge number of people loser. If you are eager to earn money quickly why not play casino? There are many online casinos, e.g. party casino, just click the links and earn money. Give me 10% when you get rich playing casino!

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