How did I connect my Sony BRAVIA to Internet without buying the dongle from Sony

Recently I bought a Sony Bravia 32″ LCD TV. It supports connectivity to Internet over the wi-fi and ethernet cable. I was happy seeing its specifucations and it was written ‘internet ready’. Later I found the fine print – I have to buy a dongle from Sony to get the Wi-Fi working. The shop at Gulshan asked a price of BDT 10,000 for the dongle. It’s too much for me – $250 for a dongle!

The Sony bigscreen TV on new stand with Sony s...

I googled and found it only support the dongle made by Sony. I am using a Wi-Fi router at my home – just to connect to internet – all my devices – Android phone, iPad, MacBook and Laptops connect to internet through this wi-fi router. Then why not TV? Yes, I have to do it. So just followed the simple process:

  1. Bought another wi-fi router from the market. That time a deal was going on from, and I got the TP-LINK wi-fi router for BDT 2,200 (less than $26.).
  2. Connected that wi-fi router to Sony Bravia TV.
  3. Configured the router as wireless bridge  to my previous router.
  4. And its working. Now I can access internet from my Sony Bravia using the same internet connection I am using for other devices. Not only that I can play music and videos from other devices (iPad, Laptops) on the big screen of Sony Bravia. If you have a Sony Bravia, and it’s ‘internet ready’, you can do this too.

2 comments on “How did I connect my Sony BRAVIA to Internet without buying the dongle from Sony”

  1. giri says:

    can you present the sequence with pictures in step by step manner?

  2. Srikanth SJR says:

    I have a Sony Dongle you are talking about here. But I am unable to share anything with the TV. I faced no problems at all to connect my TV with other devices using WIFI Direct (iPad as well as my PC) however I am unaware of how to share them with my Sony TV. Kindly suggest

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