Writing Bangla on Samsung Galaxy Tab

This evening I have rooted my Samsung Galaxy Tab and installed Bangla font SolaimanLipi. After that I can see Bangla writing, but not rendred properly. After installing Mayabi Keyboard from.Android market, I can write Bangla using phonetic layout. But the problem is that fonts are not rendered properly. Searching for solution to this problem.


This is my First Android application. Th…

This is my First Android application. This shows news from bdnews24.com. Actually, I have not coded a single line and made with AppsGeyser.com. You can make web content based apps in minutes by using their service. Cool Guys at AppsGeyer! (more…)

Use your Samsung Galaxy Tab as WiFi Access Point

Yes, Galaxy Tab is fun. I just inserted GrameenPHONE sim in Galaxy Tab. It started working fine after a restart. But data connection was not working. So I called customer service. Their specialist team provided the solution. I had to configure APN manually. Once given APN as gpinternet it started working fone.

I was using Zoom Ultra from laptop. Now thinking whether that to be dropped. Because my GT connection can be shared. In fact, now it started to work as WiFi AP. I just checked one checkbox, and it started working great. I tested it from my other Nokia set and Dell laptop. As per the specification, I can use 5 devices simultaneously. Thanks Samsung for this great feature.


Twitter client for Samsung Galaxy Tab


Here is Twitter client for android, running on Samsung Galaxy Tab. It looks fine and works fine. I am using it with my Galaxy Tab. Besides this twitter client you can also use TweetDeck.

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