Review at Joomla! 1.5 Top Extensions Cookbook

The book surprised me in very positive way, is the maximum practical.
Although it is targeted for new users of Joomla!, Also the advanced users of this CMS find something useful for them. Simply browse the table of contents to find out.
A very big plus for a very good selection of components, modules, etc..
The clear layout and good style of book makes that you’ll read it quickly with no problems with understanding content.
Screenshots are also helpful, and they are real complement the content. Because this is a another book of this author that I read in one breath, I see progress. Keep it up!

Books on the same extensions for Joomla! You can write a lot, because it is their
now over 6,000, making the choice becomes more difficult,
but thanks to the author of this publication will know which one to choose and which are best. Next time write more about CCK (K2, ZOO etc.) please.

Certainly buy another book by this author, if of course he’ll write it, although I am an advanced administrator Joomla.

Got First review of my new book – Joomla! 1.5 Top Extensions Cookbook. Thanks for reviewing.

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